Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto is A Group of Indians: John McAfee When it comes to the field of computing, India has contributed a lot of important things. For instance, zero – the number which is one of the two binary values used for computing programs – was invented by Aryabhatta. Similarly, Google, Microsoft, Adobe and many other computing giants are also being run by Indians today, and they have had a high percentage of Indian talent in them since ever. In the field of cryptography and blockchain also one can find Indian talent sitting in the top brass of many leading projects. For example, Ripple SVP, Coinbase CTO and VP of Operations are all Indians. Indians also sit in the Boards of LedgerX and Stellar. But what if Satoshi Nakamoto – the creator of Bitcoin – turns out to be Indian? Sounds unbelievable, right? But this is being claimed by John McAfee, who is one of the most prominent personalities in cryptocurrency space. Read on to figure out the whole saga. John McAfee and his tryst with Satoshi Nakamoto

This whole episode of Satoshi Nakamoto and John McAfee started after the #DelistBSV campaign. The campaign had made Satoshi’s identity a key topic of debate in the community. At that time McAfee had said that he knows the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto and he’ll reveal it. He started by revealing that Satoshi is not CIA, FBI, any other agency or any world government. But at the same time, he said, it’s also not a single person. Instead, it’s a COLLECTION of people. But the original Bitcoin whitepaper, according to him, was written by one man who currently resides in the US. You can see his tweet below: McAfee said that if Satoshi team themselves do not come forward to reveal their identity, he’ll reveal it himself. When he was criticized by the community for forcing Satoshi to come out in the open, he said that he is doing this for the interest of crypto community itself because if Satoshi’s identity is not known the episodes similar to Craig Wright and #DelistBSV will continue to happen.

When asked how does he know Satoshi Nakamoto, he had his classic response ready on the tongue: That he created a great company whose focus was to prevent hackers, and that he is still John [email protected]*#!ng McAfee!

Later when people started emailing him by impersonating Satoshi Nakamoto, he took to Twitter to advise them against doing so as he already knows the identity of real folks. It was at this point when he hinted for the first time that Satoshi Nakamoto may be a group of people from India. Later he also confirmed the same in an interview to Bloomberg. In that interview, he also claimed that finding Satoshi Nakamoto was a piece of cake for him. He also said that the person who wrote Bitcoin whitepaper is not happy with McAfee revealing his identity. You can read the entire interview here. The reversal

If McAfee would have stuck to his plans of revealing Satoshi’s identity, he would have done it within a week from 17th of April (i.e. by yesterday), which was the deadline declared by him. However, when his self-declared deadline came to end yesterday he took a reversal from his position. He came out on Twitter with a letter from his attorney, and said that his attorney has advised him against revealing the identity of Nakamoto as it can lead to some new legal issues against him in United States, thus leading to his extradition. Therefore, he can’t reveal Satoshi’s identity, he said.

Can he be trusted?

Given his controversial nature and his track record of antics, McAfee can’t be trusted completely. A lot of his critics also don’t take him seriously due to his erratic behavior. After all, tracking Satoshi Nakamoto is something which has not been possible even for some of the best technologists in the world. But McAfee told Bloomberg in his interview that he is also one of those best technologists, and that he has spent his life tracking down hackers, which makes him well-suited for the task. So we’re also not dismissing information revealed by him right away, as founding McAfee Associates is also a part of his past just like his erratic behavior, antics, and controversies.

What if he is speaking the truth?

If John McAfee indeed turns out to be true, and Satoshi Nakamoto turns out to be an Indian group of people… what can be awaiting them? Will they be hailed as heroes for developing a revolutionary new financial system? Or will they be crucified by their own country’s government, which is not looking very happy with Bitcoin?

These are some questions which may never be answered, as they depend on whether Satoshi’s real identity is ever revealed or not. Buy Fairwinds Cbd Oil Historically, Satoshi has been assumed to be a man living in Japan, United States or Europe. However, John McAfee has for the first time brought an Indian angle to this mystery. It will be interesting to see whether this angle ever turns out to be based on truth or not.

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