IBM Awarded New DLT Patent for Mobile Data Sharing System

IBM’s arsenal of blockchain patents is growing with every passing day. We already know how much company has done in the field of enterprise blockchain and distributed ledger technology, and now it’s looking all set to increase its footprint in the field of mobile data sharing as well. The company was just awarded a new DLT patent for some unique mobile data sharing method based on DLT. The patent is in continuation of another patent filed by the company in November 2017, which was entitled “Information Sharing Among Mobile Apparatus.” IBM proposes a new method based on DLT to verify the information shared between two devices. The method talks about collecting specific information from every device and then sending it to nearby computing nodes, with verified incident being published eventually on a distributed ledger. The data collected this way may further be used for mapping information updates. Given below is what does the patent actually state:

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In short, the patent envisions a system that will share event information among multiple devices without the need of a trusted 3rd party. Earlier this month company had also obtained a patent that can manage data and interactions of self-driving vehicles (SDVs) to predict the behavior of non-SDVs in the nearby environment. That system was also based on blockchain technology. Six major international banks are also set to issue their own stablecoins on IBM’s blockchain platform. It will be interesting to see which other blockchain and DLT-based patents are obtained next by the company.

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