Indian Think Tank Launches Pilot to Issue Certificates on Blockchain The Government of India has finally launched a solution to counter the issue of academic certificate counterfeit issue for a while. Niti Aayog, the policy think tank headed by the Government of India signed an Statement of Intent (SoI) agreement with Auxesis Group, an Indian blockchain infrastructure company in February last year. Auxesis on Wednesday announced the launch of a full-blown certificate management solution, Certify, for Indian Universities to issue their degrees on blockchain. Chandan Chowdhury, Associate Dean, Indian School of Business said, “Counterfeiting of university certificates is a global problem. Increasingly this is becoming a big issue also in our country. Certify, as a full stack blockchain solution, offers a compelling resolution to certificate forgery problem. I also liked the DApp frontend layer which provides an intuitive way of issuing as well as verifying these certificates.”

Buy Cbd Oil Charlottesville Certify ensures easy issuance of blockchain certificates with low cost and high reliability. The verification app enables corporate recruiters to verify a candidate’s university and degree within seconds where earlier it used to take over weeks. Students can also store and share their certificates to their prospective employers or other recipients via the Certify Vault app in an easy and secure way. Further, the initiative was also developed by a number of pilots done with E-Cell, IIT Bombay. This was earlier reported by Crypto-News India last February. Kushal Agrawal, OC, E-Cell, IIT Bombay said, “We started working with Certify as we saw great potential in resolving the fake degree problem. We were also excited to witness an application for the first time which acts purely as service facilitator while does not try to control any data as an intermediary. That’s true decentralization!” A source familiar with this development had said, “The pilot trials will begin soon and once that is successfully completed, the full-scale implementation will start. The plan is to start issuing digital certificates on the blockchain (IndiaChain) from the 2019 batch onwards.”

Buy Cbd Oil Albuquerque Usually fake degrees and certificates are a problem for prospective recruiters and job consultancies in India. Companies that are scouting for fresh talent end up spending huge amount of money determining the veracity of a degree. According to some reports, fake degrees that are hard to discern with a naked eye can cost upto Rs 2000 (which is $30). Liked what you read? Join us on Telegram

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