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Eagles International markets outside the U.S.
Chris Wondolowski 20.
Rodolfo Pizarro 6.
Diego Chara 14.
3 TBD Highest-Paid Athletes 1.
What was the planning behind that and what have been the specific ROIs?

The host will be Cari Champion, joined by guests including Eli Manning and Michelle Wie.
The 2020 World Series 90-minute DVD and digital versions will be available Dec.
On the heels of MLB’s hiatus deal with players around pay, service time and other issues, hear how it sets up https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086TVR563 2021 collective bargaining agreement.

7 CBS • Super Bowl LVI SoFi Stadium Los Angeles Feb.
LeBron James $88 million $28 million $60 million NBA 6.
Cristiano Ronaldo $105 million $60 million $45 million Soccer 3.
Raul Ruidiaz 9.
Lionel Messi $104 million $72 million 432 million Soccer 4.

The 2020 World Series 90-minute DVD and digital versions will be available Dec.
Kirk Cousins $60 million https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0875SYFVP million $2 million NFL 10.
Hasbro and Allspark Pictures put storytelling at the center of everything that we do.
2020 Top-Selling MLS Jerseys 1.
Johnny Russell 19.

This means that in order for the Wizards to sneak into the playoffs they need to hope the Orlando Magic end the season going 8 in their last 24 games while the Wizards go 13 in their last 25 games.
The effort, Hello Brooklyn.
4 • Super Bowl LIX TBD Feb.
Roger Federer $106 million $6 million salary winnings $100 million endorsements Tennis 2.

As always, this year has attracted a renowned roster of marketing partners who can once again showcase their respective brands at this first-class event in The World’s Most Famous Arena.
6 NBC • Super Bowl LVII State Farm Stadium Glendale, AZ Feb.
The collaboration, Topps x Steve Aoki, features current and all-time MLB stars, showcased on a card design themed around one of Steve’s favorite hobbies – throwing cake.
Burnett; infielder Aramis Ramírez; outfielder Torii Hunter and infielder-outfielder Michael https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0868JB5GB are first-time eligibles.

29 Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers • Dec.
Carson Wentz $59 million $55 million $4 million NFL Upcoming Super Bowl Games • Super Bowl LV Raymond James Stadium Tampa Feb.
15 Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots • Nov.
Both cities now stand Custom Football Jersey ready to serve the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.
Kevin Durant $63 million $28 million $35 million NBA 8.

Raul Ruidiaz 9.

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