Starbucks Joins Hands With Microsoft to Leverage Blockchain Technology After coffee giant Starbucks hinted at leveraging blockchain technology, last year, the company has announced that it will be working with Microsoft on numerous projects. The projects will range from using machine learning to gather customer preferences, to connecting coffeemakers in stores to the internet to blockchain services for tracing coffee, reported news portal, Geek Wire. Talking about the latest alliance, Satya Nadella, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft used Starbucks as a company that had one consistent theme which increased hiring of software engineers at companies outside the industry that are embracing high tech solutions, Nadella was quoted as saying. He further added, “They are coming together to completely take what is that iconic experience that is Starbucks and incorporating digital throughout.”

Cbd Oil Buy Reddit Last year in March, Vice Chairman of Starbucks Howard Schultz had said, “I think blockchain technology is probably the rails in which an integrated app at Starbucks will be sitting on top of.”

Buy Cbd Oil Locally These comments from Schultz came barely a month after he talked about utilization of technology (especially FinTech) in various business operations of Starbucks at a quarterly earnings call. Speaking at the event he had said, “I believe that we are heading into a new age, in which blockchain technology is going to provide a significant level of a digital currency that is going to have a consumer application.” However, at the same time, the Vice Chairman had stated that bitcoin would not be a part of their plans. Schultz had said, “The question is the issue of do you understand and are you anticipating what could happen with crypto-currencies? And the reason I mention this is not because I’m talking about Bitcoin, because I don’t believe that Bitcoin is going to be a currency today or in the future. I’m talking about the new technology of Blockchain and the possibility of what could happen not in the near-term, but in a few years from now with a consumer application in which is trust and legitimacy with regard to a digital currency.” Liked what you read? Join us on Telegram

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