With Billions of Dollars in Sight, Zebpay Expands to Australia

Zebpay’s list of countries where it’s offering its services is growing rapidly. Yesterday one more country got added to that list:  Australia! The platform was launched for Australian people at a meetup event organized by Sandeep and Ajeet Khurana at Stone and Chalk Fintech hub in Melbourne. This is 132nd country in which Zebpay is going to be available, as it was already available in 131 countries right after its launch. Australia, however, was not one of those countries. But since it’s already having a very friendly ecosystem for cryptocurrencies, it was only a matter of time for Zebpay to expand there. And it didn’t take too much time!

Zebpay team smartly chose one Australia’s largest monthly blockchain event to increase their exposure right at the time of launch without having to spend a ton of money on marketing. At the event company CEO Ajeet Khurana also talked about how Zebpay has become world’s first exchange to offer Lightning payments for all of its users, and how this can change things for crypto lovers of Australia. The Lightning payments, in addition to zero trading fee, may help the company gain ground quickly in Australia too. A few days back Zebpay had also launched its ‘Build’ platform to help decentralized application developers develop dApps easily. The apps developed with the platform can be made directly accessible to 3 million users of Zebpay via oAuth authentication. The cryptocurrency ecosystem of Australia is a thriving one. In 2017 alone Australians bought crypto worth more than $4 billion AUD. Those billions of dollars are obviously magnetic enough to attract any crypto company to Australia. Now when Zebpay has entered this lucrative market, it will be interesting to see what’s done next by the company to become successful there.

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